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RIP Games.Bitshock.Org
April 26th, 2009 - September 15th, 2013
We had a long way and we fought to protect the P2P and delivered to our awesome users thousands of torrents with great content
Sadly, due to the inactivity, lack of uploaders and lost of interest in P2P, we took the hard decision to get at the end of our journey
We had great time together and had lot of fun during this time and I will like to thanks personally to the next people (in no particular order) who helped me keeping all this up:
- se7en
- RetroGamer
- nelunnd
- florin2020
- dur3xxx
- nFo (
- danfugaroiu
- Semeketh
- IBShocked
- Raast
- asache
- gabriel1973
- silviu69
- victoras
- wazza
- Adrian007
- IoanK
- 7four7
- Bear
- ShadowOps
- Spammer
- ShadowOps
- H4L0
- Osprey
...and many others I may forgot to write above
...and of course, to all our members
Respect, demlasjr